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Elise Hines is a writer and producer living in Atlanta, Ga. Elise is originally from Denver, Co, where she lived until she moved to Huntsville, Alabama to attend Oakwood University. Her future as one of the rising stars in journalism was forecast at an early age. Only a couple years removed from high school, she landed the job as the Editor and Chief of the “Park Hill Advertiser.” The Advertiser was the first and only African American owned newspaper in Denver at that time. Elise continued to pursue her education while gaining valuable experience producing for PBS, running camera for NASA, and being an on-air talent at her college radio station.


Upon graduation, Elise quickly landed a job as a Quality Control Analyst for the Weather Channel. After a brief stint with the Weather Channel, Elise became the Scheduling Coordinator for Fox Kids and The Travel Channel at Crawford Communication. In 2000, Crawford was considered one of the largest production companies in Atlanta. In 2002, Elise’s career took off immensely. She became the host and Executive producer known as Lacy Grant of the “Pleazure Zone,” one of the hottest shows to hit the Atlanta air-waves. The “Pleazure Zone” was a show geared toward educating couples on healthy relationships. The show touched on a variety of relationship issues and sexual topics as well covering health issues. They also dealt with  alternative lifestyles of the modern times. The Pleazure Zone had a successful two years run. During that time, she also produced other shows for the station and performed duties as a fill in host for V-103.


Elise took a few years away from the Radio/TV business to develop her own production company “PlatinumWorks Productions.” She has successfully written and developed three feature film scripts that are being shopped for distribution and investment deals. Elise also utilized this time to work on Rainforest films movie sets “Motive” and “Stomp the Yard.” It was this experience that helped her gain valuable knowledge.


Elise currently freelances for Georgia Power and Southern Company as an award-winning writer, producer and director for corporate videos and commercials. Her voice is frequently used on many of Georgia Powers and Southern Company projects. As a standing member of the Alliance of Woman Director’s, Elise is considered one of the top talents in the Atlanta market. She continues to strive to become a nationally respected talent, with a household name.

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